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Quill [userpic]
legendary first post
by Quill (_quillz_)
at May 13th, 2006 (12:25 am)
our music plays: must be dreaming - frou frou

Sidney and I first met at lunch time when my best friend and his exgirlfriend called him over. She thought he might like my dark clothes and glasses. It turns out I didn't really care too much about him except that I disliked that the girls were giggling about his name. I ended up ignoring his immature actions like running away, trying to get us to follow him. The first time I ever came to notice his striking eyes or gorgeous smile, I was sitting in Mrs. Sharpe's algebra class solving equations. We made eye contact multiple times. He commented on my drawing and made fun of how I got my face too close to the paper.
Very soon we were talking. I was going through a pretty emotional time, and did some things I regret with a former girlfriend that wasn't quite so former at the time, but we ended up deciding we were meant to be. September 15, 2004 we hooked up. So far we have been together one year and eight months (this month.)
I first met Chris May 10th, I believe, of last year, though I had seen him many times before that and called him, to Sid, "The Guy With the Hair." He asked me what could be wrong with me; my clothes weren't as flashy as usual or some such nonsense. I asked him name, or vice versa, not that it matters. Fez, a friend who had just happened to fall for me, warned me against him, and the very next day Chris asked if I had AIM. I remember now that he was pleased to learn that I did, saying that "most girls I know aren't technologically inclined." "Sidney" talked to him to check him out and we also started a quick friendship.
When he first suggested that we get together, Sidney was posessive, jealous, and reluctant to say the least. I was open for anything. Some may say I'm a slut for that, but I wanted the experience in case anything in the future called for it. It took a week (on tour, in Chicago) to convince him, but Sidney gave up.
Our first months were rocky to say the least... the very least. Chris and Sidkati broke up eventually. Somehow, though, we worked our way back to a working relationship...
so far.
This is a log of all that happens, and all that has happened if we choose to write about the past.