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Love overcomes any attempt made to contain it.

This is a journal started by the female in the M/M/F of this trio. Sorry guys, but she needs to vent. The characters of this exciting play of life are;
Chris; lazermane: The oldest. Lord Phrumpledunk is actually the one who suggested this crazy get together one night after the three first began to meet. He's very relaxed and easy going, usually doing the pampering as opposed to being pampered, but sometimes we think that's a reward in itself.
Kati; _quillz_: The girl! The middle child, she is mostly babied by Chris and worshipped by Sidney, though the roles can be reversed. Because she is the girl, she's the moody princess. Can't say if she really has any influence.
Sidney; bonedaddyXIII: Temperamental prince, he's the youngest and the moodiest. His crazy temper has the other two running for cover, trying to keep him satisfied most of the time, other times getting annoyed and letting him throw the books at them.